Africa Aerospace and Defence 2014


The mission was to eclipse the success of the 2012 exhibit, now in the driving seat as the art direction team behind the show Aidan Bennetts Design conceptualized a multi faceted approach to unify the message Paramount Group wanted to deliver to the audience. This message they wanted to convey was that Paramount Group was a leader in technology and innovation.


Along with the Paramount Groups creative team we developed the concept of the Parabot, borrowing from popular culture we transformed on of the most prolific vehicles in Paramount’s fleet into a robot. The pinnacle of which a 4 ton, ten meter tall sculptures that towered over the exhibit.

This theme filtered into the internal exhibit with exploded views and diagrams of the process of the Parabots development, which unfolded as one was, guided around the route that showcased Paramount Groups various “real life” defence solutions.
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